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4G Wireless Routers

Our 4G wireless router is Portel AV’s answer in a box to your instant office. It’s so easy. Unpack the router, install a 4G data SIM, power up and away you go. With up to 150 MB/s download, 50 MB/s upload and up to 20 MB bandwidth, you’re safe in the knowledge that you can enjoy a stable and reliable network. Speeds are dictated by the strength of your 4G signal which may be enhanced by using an additional external aerial.

If you’re having trouble with your wired broadband or you’re still waiting for a provider to install your broadband and a phone line, then why not give one of these a go? Great as a Plan B, should your existing broadband go awry.

Some of our clients use our 4G routers in their caravans and RVs for their WiFi connection and then take it to the next level, by using a VoIP telephone to connected to their laptop giving on-the- road access to your office VoIP network, or our VoIP Cloud hosted VoIP networks.

It’s free to connect our phones to our networks, no per-seat monthly charges just inexpensive phone calls showing the ‘Office’ main number to all your clients no matter where you are!

If you order the 4G unit with a VoIP phone, everything will be tested by our staff prior to despatch, so you know it will work out of the box. These are not WiFi’ dongles’ but fully provisioned routers that just happen to use a SIM card instead of a phone line to access the internet. If you need any clarification at all, just give us a call.