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4G Wireless Routers

4G Wireless is a great way to produce an ‘instant’ office. Unpack the Router, install a 4G Data SIM, power up and away you go with up to 150 MB/s download and 50 MB/s Upload with up to 20 Mb Bandwidth. Speeds depend on the strength of the 4G signal which may improve when using an additional external Aerial.

If your wired broadband is poor or you are still waiting for a provider to install a phone line and broadband how about trying one of these clever little boxes ?. They are also great as back up for your existing wired broadband, never lose business with a back up plan in place.

We have clients using these 4G units in RV’s and Caravans for Wi-Fi connection to the internet for their laptops plus a VoIP phone plugged in the back connecting to their office VoIP network or one of our Cloud hosted VoIP networks. Its free to connect our phones to our networks, no per-seat monthly charges just inexpensive phone calls showing the ‘Office’ main number to all your clients. Imagine driving down the road checking on how long its taking for the office phones to be answered .. and by whom. If you order the 4G unit with a VoIP phone everything will be tested by our staff prior to despatch so you know it will work out of the box. Please call so we can clarify anything you are uncertain about. These are not Wi-Fi ‘dongles’ but fully provisioned routers that just happen to use a SIM card instead of a phone line to access the Internet.