Hello, we’re Portel AV and we’re here to help you with all your VoIP requirements in Yorkshire and beyond.

Do you need to work from home? Are your offices dotted about? Would you like to make calls, receive them and distribute them to your colleagues? All regardless of location? Then you’ve come to the right place. From one telephone to as many handsets or lines as you need, we can help.

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The Benefits Of A Portel AV VoIP System

  • No limit to the number of handsets
  • Transfer calls between colleagues no matter where they are
  • Clever call queuing
  • Conference call function enabling multiple conferences
  • On hold messaging or music
  • Up to 50 outside lines – Free
  • UK made systems
  • Landlines visible versus mobile numbers
  • Technically qualified engineers on hand
  • Configured before delivery
  • Buy direct from the manufacturer
  • …and many more!

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Entry Level VoIP Doesn’t Have To Mean Cheap

At Portel even our ‘entry level’ VoIP, LibertyVoIP handset has three Busy Lamp Function keys. Setting these up to show the status of phone lines or colleagues is very handy in the secretary-manager set up. Secretaries see when their Managers are on the phone as the lights go from green to red, pointless trying to transfer a caller when they are busy. One Secretary can see the status of three…
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Residential Homes Reduce Costs Going Cordless

I At Portel we are loving these Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephones, they seem to have suddenly jumped into focus for many businesses, probably due the low cost of ownership. Residential Homes are finding things financially tough, not only are resident numbers low but costs, especially of staff and cleaning have increased. Family members are looking for superior services for their loved ones, choosing a Home is getting ‘picky’ as there’s…
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