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Who would have thought that in 2020 most of us would all be forced to work from home ?. Oddly enough Portel had gazed into this future albeit from an different angle.

Back in 1998 I was told I wasn’t in a traffic jam ….. I WAS the traffic jam !.

This stuck in my head to the point where I wanted to explore home working, quite a novel thing back then. The idea grew, we invested heavily in CRM, eventually in 2004 we had a system that allowed everyone to work on the fly from home, office or even the Motorway Services !. The snag was calls could be passed from the office to your mobile or home phone, fine but we couldn’t move the call on to another engineer or pass it back to the office plus calling a client meant they saw a mobile or home phone number not our office number….it was an issue…one we resolved by designing a voice-packet phone system. Their were others around producing computer based phone systems but nothing we could ‘own’ so (lots) more money was invested and we produced a real working Business VoIP phone system in 2006 for our own internal use, this meant we could work from home as if in our Leeds office, full visual indication of colleagues phone status, the ability to take, make and transfer calls or enter into a three-way conferance, it was a success, one which we launched to our clients in 2008 when our team moved home.

What does this mean for you.  Quite simply by Portel wanting to reduce our businesses carbon footprint we inadvertantly set up for CoronaVirus Lockdown !. little did we know back then that our low-carbon dream was the ideal solution for thousands of people suddenly forced to work from home.

How it Works

Portel post out VoIP Phones to your staff.  If you have ten ordinary phones in the office right now, a Receptionist who takes all calls then transfers callers to one of the other nine handsets we post out ten VoIP handsets all set up for Reception working, these VoIP phones come complete with a donor number for example 0333 123 3457, divert your office number to the donor number so now the receptionist’s VoIP phone will ring, they answer the call and transfer in the normal manner, the Reception phone has buttons for each of the other handsets, press Transfer, then press the Extension required, announce the caller and hang up or press Transfer again so you can then take the next call without putting the handset down.

It may be everyone answers incoming calls, not an issue just let Portel know what you want and it will be programmed, or changed at a future date, nothings written in stone.

Portel’s Business VoIP Phone Systems are slick, once you are allowed back to the office why not take your phones with you ?. Portel will move the existing phone number over to our networks and help with the installation of the phones in your offices using the existing Broadband (or a new one from Portel) for calls, all you have to lose are the existing line rentals…spend the savings on yourself …just for a change !!

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