With copper wire broadband being so slow in my area I’ve been looking at other methods of connecting to the Internet. Finally settled on 4G using a Three Mobile SIM and a Huawei E5180 Router.

I’ve had some interesting results getting up to 25 Mbps download and up to 5Mbps upload speeds but speeds vary. First off this clever little box has a CAT5 (RJ45) socket meaning I could connect a laptop directly into it making speeds superior to the Wi-Fi connection. The second socket is RJ11, this allows connection of a plain ordinary telephone and, once programmed onto one of our Portel LibertyVoIP Cloud Servers I had a fully operational VoIP business phone complete with a Halifax telephone number !. When dialling out it gave the 01422 phone number I had assigned to it, I dropped the VoIP connection and the analogue phone then dialled out using the 07 phone number from the SIM card, how clever is that !. From this tiny Huawei box I had wired and Wi-Fi computing (up to 32 devices) plus a phone line which could be my business number, both ways with drop-back to the 07 SIM number. We set the 07 number to be the drop back for the 01422 number…clever or wot !.

The Micro SIM inserts into the base

I was a bit disappointed with the speed which pages refreshed on my browser but I think thats due to how I’m actually connected to the main Internet….think of the Internet as the M1 (on a good day), 6 lanes of traffic, the thing is I’m probably being connected by my provider to the equivalent of a B road, very slow to get down to the fast Motorway bit. I’m going to look at adding a simple Mesh Wi-Fi network next, that will speed up my Wi-Fi connections to the Huawei E5180 Router giving me the best chance of some speed….I will post again once all the bits turn up and let you know

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