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About Portel

We’ve been dealing in telephones since the 80s, so you’re in safe, reliable and reputable hands with us.

No intermediaries at Portel AV. Our dedicated, qualified engineers not only design these VoIP telephone systems,  we also  install and maintain them too! Not many Voice Over Internet Protocol companies can say that.

Built in Britain, no salespeople or irritating contact centres. Just a simple direct line straight to an engineer and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Call Portel AV now on Lo-call 0330 0883 750 or email support@portelav.co.uk to get your business connected.

How Does It Work?

As more people are working remotely and employers have offices around the UK, it’s crucial that a business is able to keep all colleagues within the business connected. Equally important, is to have a professional presence for your business by way of a landline, rather than a mobile.

Mobile numbers on a website clearly shout ‘one-person-band’ and even though you might be that very successful ‘one-person-band’, you perhaps don’t want to portray that image to your clients.

At Portel AV, servicing the business people of Halifax, Manchester, Huddersfield, Leeds and beyond, we have a solution for this. Our very clever VoIP telephone engineers can link a landline in the City or Town of your choosing, with a full visual indication of your colleague’s telephone status on your handset and have it routed directly to your mobile, or any other telephones in your business. Thus, resulting in a landline for your business. Using our VoIP systems you can transfer calls, enter into a three-way (or multi-way) conference, take and make calls (all at the push of a button.) Just what the modern-day business needs.

We’re very proud of our systems, they’re super-efficient and super cost-effective. If you decide you’re moving back to an office from home-working or vice versa, just take your telephones with you. As Analogue and ISDN lines are ceasing completely in the UK soon  now is the time to move over to VoIP.

Call Portel AV now on Lo-call 0330 0883 750 or email support@portelav.co.uk to get your business connected.

How Do I Get A VoIP System Installed?

As experts in the somewhat mind-boggling field of VoIP business telephone systems, we will build, programme and install your telephone(s) for you. Either Cloud, office or home based, whichever is your preference. All including our full support.

The telephones arrive at your premises fully programmed for your needs ready to use with existing structured cabling either CAT5, CAT6 or even via Wi-Fi. If you prefer, our engineers can visit your workplace or home and install for you. It’s that simple.

Additionally, your telephone system can be fitted within your own offices, or we host for you, using our Cloud based VoIP Servers.

Don’t forget, we’re always at the end of a lo-call telephone should you need any help, advice or support after your telephones are installed.

Call Portel AV now on Lo-call 0330 0883 750 or email support@portelav.co.uk to get your business connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Portel AV?
We’ve been around since the 80s, assisting businesses with their communication needs. From one telephone to as many as you need, we can provide you with our VoIP systems from right here in the UK. Either fitted at your own office or hosted by us in our Cloud based Server Centre.

We’re don’t employ salespeople, so you can be safe in the knowledge that no one’s vying for any commissions. You’ll speak directly to an engineer who will deliver and install your telephones or despatch them to you to install yourself.

VoIP – What is it?
VoIP simply put, is Voice Over Internet Protocol. Sometimes called IP Telephony, Internet Telephony or even Internet Calling. All it means, is that instead of a traditional telephone line, we run our telephone service via the internet. Given that in the not too distant future, all analogue telephone lines and ISDN circuits will be defunct, some predict, by as early as 2025! Perhaps now would be a good time to check out VoIP!

How can Voice over Internet Protocol help my business?
If you think it through, it makes sense. With more and more people working from home and requiring flexible working, having a telephone system that can keep up is more important than ever before, to help colleagues stay connected. On finishing work for the day, they simply press the ‘Do Not Disturb’ button to drop out of the ring groups. Plus, operating over the Internet means that operationally its quite straight forward, helps reduce the need for as much hardware. Massive bonus – because you’re connected through the internet, this means increased connectivity too!

Is VoIP cost effective?
Absolutely yes. Because of the reduced requirement for hardware, it’s very easy to get your business up and running with VoIP quickly and very cheaply. Because you’re using your Internet connection to make the calls, this is more cost effective than the traditional landline.

What if I need more than one telephone?
Not a problem. Give Portel AV a call and they’ll be with you in a jiffy with as many additional handsets as you need. Either personally installed or posted out. Whatever works best for you.

How many lines can I have?
Lines are totally and utterly scalable. Plus, if you have less than five telephones in one location, then talk to us about our Liberty VoIP Cloud system where you’d have access to 50 lines, voicemail, music on hold all included in the price of the phone! Unlike other providers, these are not extras.

Can I keep my number; I’ve had it for years?
Absolutely. If you’ve ever ported your mobile number to another mobile telephone, it’s a similar process, called porting. Just send us the numbers and we’ll do the rest.

Does it matter which broadband connection I have for VoIP?
Portel AV will carry out a site survey ahead of supplying your telephones and this is something we will check for you. However, don’t be concerned if you don’t have the highest speed or the most expensive connection.

Generally speaking, the higher the speed, the more calls you can make at any one time. However, one call will only use around 60k of upload and download speed, which is a very small amount. It may be that you need a better router to enable more simultaneous calls, but again, we always know what’s required, it’s our job, so please don’t be concerned.

How many calls can I make at any one time?
As mentioned above, this is dependent on your broadband speed. As a rule of thumb, 8 Mb/s broadband will deliver approximately 110 simultaneous calls. Fibre optic will allow for many, many more simultaneous calls. Your router also makes a huge difference. We can help with that too!

Should I make my business future proof now?
In our humble opinion, yes. At Portel AV, there’s no middleman, we send out our own qualified engineers who will undertake a complimentary site visit to be sure of your needs, thus ensuring our VoIP installation service is tailored to your business.

If you want a few telephones now, no problem. If your business grows and you need more handsets in the future, no problem. You can be sure of the absolute best customer service whether you want one or one hundred telephones. As we have the utmost respect for your home/workplace, some of our engineers are even known to take their slippers!