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Case Studies

Doctors Surgery

The Government is heavily advertising using your local surgery more rather than A&E this has caused an upsurge in patient calls which has in some cases swamped local Surgeries virtually blocking outbound calls due to the sheer volume of incoming patient call

The ‘quick fix’would be to add more phone lines but in some cases the phone systems simply do not have the capacity to take more lines so require replacement. There is no additional funding for this work which means the money has to come from somewhere which means reducing other services to the Community in order to carry out the upgrade work required. The ongoing costs of renting more phone lines also has to be taken into account and who knows this may only be a temporary upsurge in demand so Practises may end up renting lots of phone lines that are unused most of the time.

This was the summary given to Portel in early 2019.  Working with the Practise Manager we quickly realised the issue was inbound calls blocking outbound calls. The Surgery has an existing large bandwidth Cable Broadband service which was under used.  Portel staff supplied the Doctors and other telephone-call-dependant staff with our Liberty VoIP handsets allowing outbound calls to be made via the Internet giving patients full access to the inbound calling system on their Portel supplied and maintained Avaya phone system. No additional wiring was required as these phones integrate with existing computer wiring, it’s simply plug-and-use technology. The improvement was so successful that the Practise cancelled the Avaya phone system saving rental of ISDN lines.

The Practise now satisfies both the requirements of the Patients and Practise actuaries. Outbound calls do not show a telephone number (as required by most Surgeries) and Doctors are able to spend more time talking with their patients knowing they are not blocking incoming calls, what’s more the phone bill for the Practise has shrunk dramatically as Portel have very special rates for NHS Practises calling via our Cloud VoIP systems to all mobile phone networks which has in effect paid for the modest cost our buying our Liberty handsets. We have three specialists within Portel catering for NHS telephone requirements, why not call to discuss how we can help solve your problems today ?


Being a domestic electrician means being on the road most of the day and the owner of one electrical Company is one of the busiest electricians on our books as they not only carry out PAT testing and simple electrical repairs they also carry out complete rewires meaning sometimes they are all on site for days at a time.

The problem being when they are all out on the road there’s no-one to take telephone enquiries and there is sometimes a reluctance among clients to call a mobile phone as

a) They look a bit fly-by-night and

 b) the cost of calling a mobile phone from a landline is still quite high.

The answer was quite simple, a Liberty VoIP Cloud based landline ‘01’ telephone number has been pinned to their main mobile phone so callers still only pay landline call rates to speak with an electrician and they only pay £100.00 + VAT per annum to rent the phone number (STD of their choice)  and all the diverted incoming phone calls.

There are no surprising large bills arriving each month just one annual payment covers everything – problem solved

Dual Site Company

The owners of a very successful home-based business in Bradford wished to work some of the time from their home in Wales.

They have staff in Bradford capable of running everything from a logistic point of view but its always useful to be able to speak to the boss or transfer calls to them and share a spreadsheets online if possible.

This was the problem presented to Portel in late June, can we sort it out was the question?.

It was one of our simplest of contracts to satisfy !.  Portel ported their main phone number onto one of our Cloud based VoIP platforms. Liberty handsets were installed at the Bradford and Welsh (cordless) locations and set into one ‘ring group’ so anyone could take the call and either satisfy the enquiry or transfer the caller to another telephone either in Wales or Bradford.

Portel also altered the way the existing Data Server operated allowing remote access for two users at a time so now when the owners are working from Wales they have full access to their data and voice communications as if they were back in their Bradford premises. It was a simple solution, very inexpensive to achieve and it gave our staff a real rush when the users realised just how we had set them free to work from wherever it suits them.  Now they can concentrate on expanding the business without the worry of losing calls or missing that all important email

Working Abroad

“I work Abroad part of the year can you help ?” That was the question the answer was YES !.   Yes because our Cloud based VOIP telephone systems know no borders or boundaries and yes because we have experience of how to set these users up.

The client has an office in Halifax one in Florida and also a holiday home in Rio. Portel have supplied a Halifax 01422 telephone number pinned to three cordless DECT VoIP handsets each located in a different Country but all connected to our UK platforms so his customers still dial the 01422 telephone number and pay their usual rate per minute and he calls them back at a penny per minute and still presents his Halifax telephone number to his clients. We have also added a US telephone number to the ring group as now he has started to take on US clients. Once again a very simple (for Portel) solution, phone numbers, one ring group and three cordless  DECT phones, inexpensive to set up and run.

Since this installation we have started to add more US located Brits to our network it’s a sign of the times, own and operate a UK business from abroad and judging by the enquires to our Web Site its expanding as well…..

Portel AV Limited

Testimonials from our happy clients are a fantastic way to add value to our business and Portel is also a success story in its own right.  We used to all work from one office in Leeds and prior to that an office in Halifax and before that offices in Bradford. So over the past 40 years we have moved about a bit. The problem is staff are not located conveniently next to the Leeds offices, some are in Halifax, Bradford, Leeds, North Yorkshire and Dover and our Accountant has now moved to the United States !. It may sound a bit like herding cats, to tie all these people into one system having home-offices.  As it turned out it was a very easy change over.  We altered a Cloud Server for our own CRM data use, (we have lots of them), it wasn’t a big effort to set up our Total Company Management Software in the Cloud. CRM allows our staff to add details to client’s folders and set up jobs for installation, maintenance and service calls etc plus all the usual letter writing, emails and general storage, all on the fly, slashing our businesses carbon footprint at the same time

With our Servers no longer requiring office space we changed from a traditional Panasonic phone system to one of our own Liberty VoIP Cloud managed systems.

Staff were allowed to work from home for a couple of weeks with remote access to both the Voice and Data Servers or from the office as we set up dual-phones for everyone. After a successful trials starting in 2008 we closed the Leeds offices in 2011 and ever since everyone has worked from home. We wanted to reduce our carbon footprint and remove traffic off the road as I was once told, “you are not in a traffic jam, you are the traffic jam!” that really resonated with me. Portel also believe in leading from the front, if we can do it so can you, who knows in the future circumstances may force your business to work some or even all of the time from home.

There are so multiple advantages to home working such as more ‘me’ time and if anything did happen to stop people going to work we are already set up ready and working. We at Portel would like everyone to work at least one day a week from home, more if you can, reduce traffic, improve your work/life ratio, it’s got to be the way forward as as previously mentioned you never know whats around the corner so plan for the worst but hope for the best.

As a team we still talk every day, conferencing is free and we often get together for engineering and marketing meetings, everyone is so relaxed, its always great to see each other after a few days apart, it makes for a very happy company, cost efficient and cost effective carrying out far more work than we ever did when in one office, probably because there are less interruptions in the working day. Overheads have dropped dramatically meaning we offer the same services to our customers for less than before, Happy staff and happy customers means ‘what’s fun gets done’ !


Sales people Sell, it’s their job, their commissions depend on sales.

Engineers design, build, install, program & maintain your phone systems …… which would you rather work with ?

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