Personal Data
When your company becomes a customer/supplier of Portel AV Ltd. we will keep some data about you.  This includes some personal data which relates to a particular, named person or people.
What personal data do we hold?
Portel AV Ltd. will keep data about you in two ways:
  Paper records
A copy of your contract, which includes the name and address of your business, director’s name(s), signatures, and service charges.
Contact information, including personal and emergency contact details
  On-line data information
This records contact names and email address of principal contacts in your organisation
Details required for invoicing
Details required for payment if you provide Portel AV Ltd. with goods & services
This is the only data Portel AV Ltd. will usually hold about you.  We do not get data about you in any other way.  There may also be information about you in emails you send to us.
  How is your personal data kept safe?
Paper copies of your contract and contact information are kept in a filing system in a locked office.
Online data is kept in a secure system which is password protected.
Invoicing and payment details are stored within Kashflow, which has a separate login and password known only to the Managing Director and Administrator.
If you wish to see or amend the personal data we hold about you, please contact Mr. Steven Barrett, Managing Director by writing to:
Mr Steven Barrett
Portel AV Limited
23 Shibden Hall Croft
What is your data used for ?
Your data is only used to:
Keep in contact with you, for example to advise you of any changes to your contract, charges etc.
To produce monthly invoices for service charges, telephone charges etc.
To make BACS payments for goods or services Portel AV Ltd. have received from you
Under data protection legislation “performance of a contract” gives Portel AV Ltd. a lawful basis for keeping the above data.