Receptionist / Virtual PA Phone – Fanvil X7 – VoIP Phone 20 SIP Accounts

£169.99 + VAT

  • Hands Free
  • RJ9 Wired Headset Port
  • Dual gigabyte Ports – ideal when sharing one CAT5 outlet with 2 devices, just plug the PC in the back
  • Built-in Bluetooth headset connection
  • USB Port for Wi-Fi Dongle if required, no need to use a cord just log on to the office or home Wi-Fi !
  • High Definition Handset Sound – Full HD Audio
  • Crystal Clear Speakerphone, good enough to use for full Conference Calls
  • Multiple BLF / DSS keys  bright Liquid Crystal Display
  • Power adapter available for non-PoE switch use (home office etc)
  • Up to 20 SIP Accounts, so you could be taking calls for 20 different businesses
  • 127 DSS keys, see who’s on the phone, busy or ready to take a call all at a glance

The X7 VoIP Business phone will arrive fully configured and ready for work via any of Portel’s ‘Liberty’ range of VoIP phone systems, Cloud or Office based, just plug it into your broadband, let us know your external IP address ( and within minutes you will be earning money from incoming callers and dialling out for pennies instead of a pounds – It’s a real winner !.

Engineer’s Comment:

I have been using one of these Fanvil X7s for the past month with my Plantronics Bluetooth headset, it’s a real boon to be able to walk away from my desk but continue the conversation. I love the huge coloured screen and also the sit-up-and-beg stand. The screen can be viewed in poor light or sunshine as it is backlit. Making it the ideal phone for a busy receptionist or virtual PA.

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A brilliant business phone, equipped to the hilt. We highly recommend using this phone as ‘Best for Business’ for your receptionists or if you are a virtual / VoIP receptionist working from home / remote it’s for you!

BLF /  DSS keys – Use some for your SIP lines (you can have up to 20 accounts or ‘phone lines’) and others to see your favourite extensions or features such as Message Waiting etc. The BLF keys are programmed within the phone so no scrappy paper inserts as you can see the user or feature names on the liquid crystal display right next to the keys.

Typical use would be for a Virtual Assistant looking after up to 20 businesses, each line being a different phone number, Portel pre-set the lines with 0330 numbers the VA issues his/her clients a number to divert their calls to producing seamless, instant Secretarial service

CLEAN, CLEAR, EASY TO READ LCD SCREEN showing missed calls, your extension number the time etc. It also has SOFT KEYS that change status as you use different features on the phone, great for quick transfer or putting your phone onto Do Not Disturb.

  • Full Hands Free
  • Headset or Handset use (most Bluetooth headsets work fine with these phones)
  • Microphone Mute
  • Directory
  • Solid key Volume Up and Down for the hands free or handset / headset
  • The handset is High Definition so a great sound quality
  • USB connection allows users to add a Bluetooth headset
  • A modern, clear design, Fanvil X7 is a high-end Business VoIP phone for business users who need immediate access to all of their important information. In addition to a 7-inch capacitive touch screen for up to 127 DSS key entries, the telephone also features 20 SIP lines, HD audio with Opus support, Built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity and more!

Please note if you are not using a powered switch each phone will require the optional Power Adapter, see stock list for this item.

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