Diverted-to-Mobile-LandLine-Number – Make your business look like it ‘lives’ somewhere

£99.99 + VAT

  • Only £99.99 + VAT per annum
  • Can ring one or more of your mobile phones
  • One phone rings or many, its up to you
  • Include your home phone line in the ring group…callers will never know
  • Have any UK number you fancy or a non-geographical number 0333
  • Receive one or one hundred inbound calls there’s no cap
  • Upgrade to a full LibertyVoIP system as your business grows
  • Add more numbers, set your mobile to answer as the ‘London’ or ‘Leeds’ offices
  • Call 01422 893 888 to set up today
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Fed up losing sales because your business is run from a mobile phone ?

Portel offer an amazing deal on Landline telephone numbers

For just £99.99 + VAT PER ANNUM Portel provide your business with a Land Line Number linked to your mobile phone(s)

Including all inbound phone calls, take one call or a hundred calls a day the price is still the same

Ring groups, have the number ring more than mobile phone

Be more professional, have a London, Leeds, Glasgow or Belfast phone number…or anywhere else in the UK for that matter including 0333 numbers too all pinned to your mobile phone, each number is only £99.99 + VAT per annum.

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