Liberty Pro Voice 230 Headset

£76.00 + VAT

The Liberty Pro Voice 230 allows you to type with both hands or make notes without juggling with a handset. Enjoy Crystal Clear Communication with your clients

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Don’t let the platinum good looks and sleek lines fool you.

For all its state-of the-art features, the Liberty Pro Voice 230 headset is as practical and working as it is stylish while a 270 degree adjustable microphone boom allows for easy flipping from ear to ear.

All-day comfort is further complemented by the headset’s exceptional lightness and a self-aligning, floating earpiece that sits comfortably on the ear without pressing against the user’s head.

Sound quality is crisp, clear and natural thanks to the use of a broader bandwidth for the speaker combined with an innovative speaker cabinet.

While the sound tube achieves amazing clarity by passing the user’s voice through a rubber filter to minimise background noise before an inner microphone case restores the sound level.

Stylish yet practical design Exceptionally lightweight: in Ear Hook style weighs 27.5 grams Self-aligning, floating earpiece Hi-fidelity speaker Acoustic shock limiting diode The lightweight ear hook’s stabilising bar keeps it at a constant distance from the ear thereby eliminating pressure and ensuring greater comfort.

Clickstop adjustable headband Durable Quick Disconnect Adjustable clothing clip 1-year replacement warranty