Voyager 4210 Bluetooth Mono Headset

£99.99 + VAT

Fantastic Alice-banded Headset ideal for use in noisy Offices or Call Centres

Works with the complete range of LibertyVoIP handsets and many of the Fanvil and Yealink Business VoIP phone range.

Walk and talk all at the same time, wear out the carpet, move about !

Touch-type with both hands, stop getting neck cramp from holding a phone handset !

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  • The Voyager 4210 BT Mono is an affordable bluetooth headset, it’s a more cost effective than other bluetooth headsets.
  • The Voyager 4210 Bluetooth Mono is compatible with many bluetooth enabled VoIP phones, like the LibertyVoIP X5 and Fanvil X6 Business VoIP Phones
  • Compatible bluetooth enabled PC’s and IOS devices
  • Comes complete with its own mini Bluetooth ‘A’ adapter
  • The Voyager Bluetooth Mono has a long battery life on standby  with excellent talk time
  • The Voyager 4210 Bluetooth Mono recharges to full in less than 3.5 hours
  • Non-Display ‘brown’ boxed, Headset, USB ‘A’ Adapter and storage bag
  • Complete with PC charging cable

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