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Salterlee Primary School Halifax

Dear Steve,

With reference to our calls and email regarding the telephone bill for our school by BT. Please feel free to use this letter as a reference.

I can confirm that Portel AV have saved us £16.99 per month. This charge was automatically added by BT to their business directory without the schools authorisation.

We are a small school so every penny counts and although this amount doesn’t appear to be that much this is actually over half a class budget for the year.

I can certainly recommend Portel-AV. Even though they couldn’t help the school with regards to anything else this time we would definitely use them in the future should the need arise. Steve and his colleagues are polite, efficient and their communication is first class.

Yours Sincerely

Jill Wallace

Princeville Primary School Bradford

Dear Steven,

I am writing to thank you and your business colleagues for the VoIP telephone system designed, manufactured and managed by Portel AV Limited

We were hoping to reduce our monthly invoice down from its average of £265.00 per month, even ten percent less would have been useful expecially as we now have more telephone extensions in the new building than in the old one.

On average our monthly phone bill is now around £60.00 making a huge saving of over two hundred pounds per month which is more than a seventy-seven percent saving meaning we have more money available to spend on the children, about another two and a half thousand pounds a year extra !.

Please use this letter as a testimonial for your future clients

Ryan Lewis

Halifax Accountancy Limited

Since we moved over to the Portel VoIce Over The Internet telephone system in 2010 it has allowed our business to operate from Halifax, Florida and Rio. Calls to UK landlines still only cost a penny per minute fro anywhere plus clients calling our 01422 400003 telephone number are still connected in the same way at no extra cost. As an Accountancy business we are always looking for ways to reduce overheads which in turn reduces our client invoices so this has been one of the most successful cost reductions we made. Its not about the technology its about reducing our telephone overheads to just a fraction of what they used to be.

Paul Smith
Managing Director

Eclipse Solar Doncaster

We wanted to reduce our call-costs in our very busy Call Centre by at least 10%. We now realise we are only paying 12% of our old phone bill, thats what I call a real result using Portel’s custom made VoIP technology to reduce our overheads

Brad Hunt
Managing Director

Burgers & Fries Huddersfield

Opening was amazing. We were very very busy! Everyone is very impressed with your VoIP phone system as well. Best telephone system I have had up to date.

Saqib Hafiz
Managing Director