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Two Way Radio

There’s a burgeoning market for private mobile communication for building sites, schools and security staff. gone are the days when you needed to pay thousands for licenses and radio equipment, nowadays an inexpensive half-watt radio covers the sixteen channels allowed under the PMR446 rules (Personal Mobile Radio) With our radios fitted with tone control (CTCSS) it means if someone else is on your channel your radio will remain silent unless they sent the same CTCSS tones out as your radio’s are using, being as there are thousands of combinations this is highly unlikely. Having 16 channels means you can have a group channel for all users then private channels which may be access by some but not all users. As with all radio communication it’s not secure so do be aware of what you are saying.  For an inexpensive means of communication PMR446 is the ideal solution. Price on application, contact the office on 01422 893 888 or email sales@portelav.co.uk letting the team know your requirements please