Yes that’s the room guests use when visiting (remember those days), the room you recently moved the junk out of so you can have space to earn a living from ……………. ‘that’ room.

Solving IT Set Up


Most folk cracked the computer-working-from-home bit years ago using Cloud or office based Servers, users logon in the office or from home so usually that’s not an issue, if it is drop me a line, Portel know lots of computer Companies who deal with this sort of thing all day long.

Essentially your Company laptop / Home PC can logon and work much the same as it did when in the office, maybe with the addition of a printer and scanner at home. Most laptops with a 16” or larger screen will work, even an old laptop or Mac just so long as the screen on the distant Server is legible and you can see what you need to work on.

VoIP Desk Phone Showing Lines and status of colleagues


This is where it gets a bit tricky, despite all the pretty adverts on TV it just doesn’t work like that, sorry (this is a VoIP engineer talking).

As an example if a business has 10 phones and 1 phone number, 01422 893 888, customers call and a phone or group of phones rings, the person answering the call either deals with the caller or passes them on via ‘transfer’ to a colleague and your world continues to rotate.

Option One: The quick fix is diverting office calls to a mobile, the Receptionist’s for example, snag is what happens then, they may not be the right person to deal with the caller, there’s no way to transfer to someone else, basically the system breaks down, it’s unprofessional especially when they don’t answer or the call breaks up.

Second Option: Rent a £100.00 a year ‘donor’ phone number, once called it can ring a group of mobile phones so at least the caller gets answered by someone even if it’s the wrong person for the job it’s better than nothing although there’s still the risk of the call breaking up or it going to personal voicemail etc.

Third Option: Post everyone a Voice-over-the-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) Phone, initially set up exactly the same as in the office, once the office number is called it diverts to the donor number ringing a phone or a group of phones, the person answering will either deal with the enquiry or transfer it to a colleague, sound familiar?, that’s because the phones work exactly the same way as your old office phones, better if you wish, what’s more they can move with you when office-working is back on the table, working via Broadband means once your office number is ported over to the VoIP network you lose the cost of renting phone lines, receive cheaper call costs and 50 free phone lines, talk about a win-win!.

Having cracked the computer working at home, probably via Wi-Fi to your home broadband, all you need now is the VoIP phone in the same room you are working from….more problems !. If the broadband is in the living room behind the TV and you are upstairs in a bedroom-office how will it all work ?.

These are the options.


  1. Run a computer wire from the living room to the office
  2. Use a Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephone (DECT), its still VoIP
  3. A Wi-Fi connected VoIP handset, this is good as it will have all the buttons showing the status of other users at their homes, handy when you need to conference, transfer or just check their ‘status’ at a glance.


Now you can work at home, just as efficiently as at the office.

Portel moved home as a team back in 2012 in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

We have over nine years of real home working experience, something you cannot buy, we are more efficient working from home than when we were office based. No interruptions, no chatting in the coffee room, we still talk every day, engineers meet up on sites when more than one person is needed on an installation the only thing we no longer do is all drive into Leeds Monday to Friday to sit in cublicles 8 hours a day.

Using our experience you can set up anywhere, There’s no excuses only resistance to change. Now is the time to get everything sorted out for the next lock-down and there will be another and another, things will never be the same again for many, many years to come, start thinking along the lines of a war followed by a period of regrouping some will be starting off virtually from scratch, home working is one of the stepping stones of the rebuild, failing to plan right now is planning to fail in the future, not the best thought to finish with but we all need to be aware it’s a delicate balancing act for the next few years, Portel have the technology, unlike other VoIP Companies we build it here in Yorkshire, and like your competitors you too can use it….or you can try running your Company by using one of these instead !!!