We’ve been having a technical session with these very clever Yealink DECT systems over the last few days. Although Portel already supply Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephone systems such as Siemens Gigaset and the standard W60P Yealink units we had an enquiry that made Portel take a deeper dive into these very useful units. The standard yealink W60P base can have up to 7 W60B repeaters logged on to it, not repeater to repeater just repeater to base so place the base somewhere central, plugged into a PoE switch / Internet and awe you go, all 8 W53H handsets can wander round the place talking to each other, other VoIP devices on site or the outside world, very nice for a school etc. Thing is we also look after some very large warehouses with offices attached, that requires a different ‘beast’. The W80DM is a base and controller, it will talk with a group of slave bases, W80B all wired back to a PoE switch / Internet but they can be anywhere on site allowing up to 100 handsets to wander around a huge site talking to each other / other VoIP phones on site or the outside world. A very powerful bit of kit, fantastic for huge warehouses, residential homes or supermarkets to name but a few. The best bit is …they are quite inexpensive !.